Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stitchin' Mission - Progress Update

Just wanted to post a few pictures of what I've completed for my mission quilt thus far.

Here's my backing, laid out on my kitchen floor (It was the best place I could find!):
I tried to take pictures of the next part of the process..

But as you can see...

It's really hard to take pictures of yourself from above!

I don't think this is the proper technique, but essentially I basted the middle and had to lay on top of the quilt to reach either end. There's two ways into my kitchen but I wouldn't be able to get around it without climbing on my counter so....improvisation. I hope it doesn't mess it up too badly...

Here's my quilt sandwich, all basted together:
The cactus fabric is weird, yes...I'll just claim to have been going for a 'bold' look :)

I've already started machine quilting, but I don't have pictures of that yet. It's slow going! I think I may simplify the design a little; let's see how I do before the deadline next week.

Do you have any strange techniques to 'get the job done'? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Caitlyn, very good. I enjoy your blog very much. Love Grandma

  2. hummm... Strange techniques for machine quilting? (that's what I'm assuming)... how about stitch-in-the-ditch, between the black fabrics and the "jelly bean" fabrics. roll up the edge from one side 1/3 of the way, roll up the edge from the other side 1/3 of the way and stitch in the ditch starting from the center. The back will look like zigzag stitching. Stitch in ditch around the edge between catus fabric and main body. I think your quilt looks great! BTW... why aren't you doing this on your living room floor... on top of a sheet laid out on the carpet? It would be easier (that's what I do)