Thursday, December 8, 2011

A few favorite old projects

I was looking through some old folders today and came across photos of some projects I've done in the past.  Since these are items I have no intention of selling in my shop, I've never posted about them before. 

This is one of my absolute favorites, and I am quite sad that I gave this away in a swap:

Can you guess what it's made from? 

It's a thrift-store skirt, recycled into a tote bag!

This is one that I made for myself, immediately following. 
(Alicia, if you ever read this - I'm sorry for my plagiarism! I just couldn't get them out of my head)

As a matter of fact, I do have a tutorial on craftster for this very bag, so you can make your own!

Next up....

 This was made for swap on Craftster, and I'm a little sad I no longer own it. It took forever! The "scars" are hand-embroidered on linen, and the faux fur was hand-stitched on top of that. 
It gives it a really great undead look in real life. 

This was a custom order on etsy for a boxy clutch - I think it came out pretty well!

Space for cards, fully lined...

I'm think of making a tutorial on this, what do you think?

Dollar-store Frame, revamped with lace! The cat picture is just a placeholder....

It's gold underneath, so it looks really pretty in the light :)

I hope you enjoyed these projects, feel free to ask questions if you 
want more details on how they were done!

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