Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dolls make me nervous. Especially when they're babies.

A little while ago, I was visiting at a friend's house and one of her children came to me sad-faced, doll in hand, and asked, "Do you sew??" Not one to crush the dreams of children, I said I did and examined the doll in question. It's arm was almost completely unattached, likely due to someone loving it a bit too much...kinda disturbing when you think about it ;-)

This is the doll in all it's original glory:
Super creep-tastic, right? 

To be fair, I've always hated dolls. I'm not sure why exactly; all I can say is that my family learned very quickly they could not give me a doll as a gift if they were not prepared to spend the following few hours consoling a crying child. 

I decided I'd feel better about the doll if it looked more like this:

Monkey Pajamas...Much better!

I made it completely on the fly, no patterns or tutorials were consulted. To follow this process for your own disturbing naked baby doll, take rough measurements around the body parts you intend to clothe, making sure to include seam allowance. 

It's also a good idea, if you have a cloth doll like this one, to mimic the shapes of the existing cloth when envisioning construction. This particular doll has a pretty weird shaped body, so following that logic was the only way I could pull it off. 

I thought buttons would be too difficult for the younger child (above the choking age, don't worry), so they are purely decorative and velcro was used as a closure. 

The kids were so happy to receive this! 
And, I was happy to have successfully completed another crafting challenge :) 

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  1. How nice of you to take the time to do that, especially understanding your disgust for dolls in general. The pajamas are as cute as can be on such an interesting-looking baby. Good for you!