Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick Tip for Etsy Sellers: Perfect Packaging

I've been selling on Etsy for awhile now, but only recently have I started bringing a steady rate of orders per week. I attribute this to blogging, tweeting, and keeping my shop updated, which are all things I was not as consistent at doing in the past. 

This increase in sales has prompted me to share this tip with you about packaging.
It's a simple thing, but I think that people who shop on etsy are looking for the extra touch they're not going to find if they buy something of the same price-range from a big-box megastore. 

I use recycled materials for shipping wherever possible, but I make sure to wrap the actual item with a scrap bit of tissue paper, fabric, or ribbon to pretty it up a bit :) 

I also hand stamp the address labels, which can be time consuming. To save time, I spent a little while this evening prepping some squares that I can attach to packages as I get them.

I used one of these stamps in the corner of a bit of spare scrapbook paper, 
in this case, but I frequently use the inside of security envelopes as well.

Aren't these beautiful?  I know you're jealous, you can admit it ;-)
I just can't get enough of this style of stamp.

So, here's my quick suggestion: keep all of your shipping supplies handy, make them eco friendly, and prep them as much as possible in advance. It will really help out when you realize you have another order 10 minutes before you're about to walk out the door to the post office....not that I'd know anything about that, of course ;)

Do you have any good packaging advice for etsy sellers? Leave it in the comments!

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