Thursday, April 5, 2012

36 hours later...

A baby quilt is born! I was comissioned to make this quilt for a customer whose granddaughter had recently passed away. The quilt was intended as a baby shower gift for the new baby as something to remember her sister by - very sad, but sweet...

Scraps of fabric from the girl's clothes were used to make the quilt, as well as a few favorite photos. I ordered the prints from, and was pleased with the results. For privacy, I don't want to post any of those photos too close up, however. Here's a few favorite blocks:

I think (hope!) she liked it! It's probably the most complicated quilt I've made yet, and I'm proud of my work :)

Here are some in-process pics. The colors are more true in this as well...there wasn't a lot of lighting on the day I handed it off, unfortunately.

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  1. Awesome Gift!! You did a beautiful beautiful job.